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The eight pictures that were last published on this site
The five oldest family members who were published on this site
The ten family members who were last published on this site


April 8, 2024 Today is International Romani Day. The Romani or Roma include the Sinti. In 1940, the latter were the only "gypsies" in Limburg. They still lived in caravans and were largely murdered by the National Socialists because they were considered work-shy. And that, although for centuries they provided for a great need especially in the countryside with professions such as musicians, blacksmiths, basket makers and the like. Because they were less integrated than the Jews almost everywhere due to their itinerant existence, this genocide is almost forgotten. That is why we pay all the more attention to it on this website.
The genocide of the Romani in Limburg and elsewhere

June 3rd, 2023 The history of a family is closely interwoven with the history of its region. This is always and everywhere the case. For example, for the Schunck family in Kettenis it was the rise and fall of the textile industry. The Schuncks in Heerlen were closely linked to coal mining. In Valkenburg, tourism was and still is the most important source of income: More and more Valkenburgers found their livelihood in it. So please read in our chapter on the Cremers family: Valkenburg and the tourism

May 28, 2023 Vom 23. Juli bis 4. September 2023 findet im Museum Valkenburg eine Ausstellung „Klassisches Ballett in Valkenburg“ statt. Dies ist eine gute Gelegenheit, auch die Anfänge näher unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Denn über den Musik- und Ballettunterricht in Valkenburg ist bisher nicht viel geforscht worden. Vor allem über die Anfangszeit ab 1947 ist nicht viel bekannt. Wir haben hier einen Anfang gemacht. Der Ballettunterricht ist in der in 1947 gegründeten Musikschule entstanden, initiiert von Gerda Schunck-Cremers und einer Freundin. Lesen Sie: Musik- und Ballettunterricht in Valkenburg von 1947 bis 1987

May 11, 2023

Roger Moreno Rathgeb, composer of Requiem for Auschwitz, gave a speech entitled “The Forgotten Holocaust” before he lit a candle for its victims during the memorial service “Valkenburg liberated 75 years ago”. Because that needs to change, you find below the most detailed page of this digital war memorial: The genocide of the Romani in Limburg and elsewhere

Sunday, March 13, 2022 – Deadly Silent for Peace Today, at the Dutch National Cemetery of Honor in Loenen, there was a solemn gathering with two minutes of silence to think about Putin’s war against Ukraine. A Ukrainian and a Russian woman completed a blue and yellow flower monument together, consisting of the words Doodstil voor de vrede (Deadly Silent for Peace). Because making peace is only possible together.
We also think of all the people who have lost or will lose their lives, loved ones or whatever valuable they had. It reminds us of that other dictator who raided neighboring countries and "justified" it with the most incredible lies. Therefore we must not forget history.
But not told in the way the self-appointed historian in the Kremlin does. They are not heroes, but always simple people who fight back. Also here in Limburg. Even if they lose or have lost their lives in the process, it’s not about hero worship like with Hitler and other dictators. Go to 1940-1945 to read what ordinary people did against occupation and oppression in our province of Limburg.

May 14th, 2021 According to the population register, Peter Joseph Schunck was born in Hergenrath (Prussia).His parents then lived in a water mill on the Geul River in Hauset (today German-speaking Community, Belgium). What about that? Read more in the new article about the Kupfermühle.

February 7th, 2021 This website does not pretend to be up-to-date. It is much about history. That of my ancestors, that of the war, sometimes both. Sometimes we should put people extra in the spotlight, who in disastrous times did not think only of themselves. An important part of this website is about the resistance in Valkenburg and the role that my parents played in it.

But there are many more people who we should not forget. Of these, I would like to mention three here, in the order of their birth:

  1. My grandfather, Jean Cremers (∗ Dec. 28th, 1878 in Voerendaal, † Mai 2nd, 1947 in Valkenburg). After the First World War (February 10th 1923) he was honored by the Belgian king: "in recognition of the dedication he has shown in the works of war". The family lore says: for his help to the Belgian refugees, with whom the hotels in Valkenburg were full during that World War I. In Brussels they tried to find out more details about this, but both the Foreign Office and the Defense Office were unsuccessful. So we only know that he helped to organize the aid, without any further details. As is well known, the Spanish flu, the first major pandemic, also occurred at that time. Unlike now, at that time people did not know about all the measures that can be taken, such as lock-down, masks and so on, to control a pandemic. As a result, it killed about 10 times as many people as the entire WWI! Grandpa ended up with a severe illness and disability from it. More about Jean Cremers
  2. Antonio Seghezzi (∗ August 25th, 1906 in Premolo, † May 21st, 1945 in Dachau) was an Italian Franciscan, who was caught and deported to Germany because of his help from 1943 to young people fleeing from the Nazis. He died in the Dachau concentration camp shortly after it was liberated by Allied troops. The cause of his beatification was initialized in 1990 and on December 21, 2020 Pope Francis started the final part of it. We honor in him a man who was not only a contemporary of Pierre Schunck (both ∗ 1906), but also a kindred spirit. Also of the many priests in Limburg and elsewhere, who rolled into the resistance through youth work or other local pastoral care, such as the resistance leader of the Heerlen district Giel Berix or the Franciscan Beatus van Beckhoven.
    Read more about Antonio Seghezzi OFM.
  3. Also noteworthy, of course, is Sir Thomas Moore, aka Captain Tom (1921-2021), who died recently at the age of 100 and raised millions for the care of Corona victims in the hospitals before dying from it himself. He fought against the Nazis in World War II and against Corona in what is the global conflict in our days.
    Read more on Wikipedia and/or watch this video on YouTube.

On 09/14/2019 started the liberation of Valkenburg, 75 years ago. That wasn’t just a party. There were also people who thought they should take revenge, see about who participated and who did’nt and about what happened
Read also the rest of the ever richer illustrated story of Pierre Schunck and the resistance in Valkenburg to the Nazis.

06/26/2019 died Danielle Dohmen. Our condolences to all who were close to her.

06/15/2019 As you can see, Português has now been added to the languages of this site too. Why? Because many people live in southern Brazil with the surname Schunck. Some of them have contacted us. Via this website and via social media. Although we do not know if there is any family relationship, we still want to give them the opportunity to get to know our family.
Because my Portuguese is not very good, I use a translation tool. Maybe the result is sometimes a bit silly.
If you want to correct something, please contact me:

The eight pictures that were last published on this site

Down with the Nazis!

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Valkenburg 2024, 80 jaar bevrijd

Memorial plaque Dr. van Berckel in the hospital

Harie van Ogtrop

We let them go

SiPo/SD Maastricht

Resistance Memorial. Center wall with Our Lady of the Good Dive

Mater Dolorosa

The five oldest family members who were published on this site

Heyn Prick(a)erts
∗ 1513
Tyss Cloot
∗ 1520
Gerard Prickaerts/Prickerts, in die Vindt
∗ 1542
Lennart Cloot
∗ 1570
Hinricus Cloedt
∗ 1570

The ten family members who were last published on this site

Manuel Eck
Felix Eck
Johannes Eck
Stefan Eck
Hubert Eck
Heijo Eck
Regine Handels
Paul Eck
Marianne Eck
Lene Eck